In fashion, they are always saying things like, "Red is the new black." Maybe it is true; maybe not. But, today, wine really is the new beer. Average men and women no longer think of wine as something snooty or stuffy. Indeed, people from all walks of life are now just as likely to kick back with a glass of pinot grigio or white zinfandel at a barbecue or picnic as they are with a bottle of lager or ale.

More wine customers means more wine jobs. No doubt about it, we are in the midst of a real wine industry job boom. If you are thinking of pursuing a wine industry job, now is definitely the right time - and this is definitely the right place to find that position you have been looking for in a small California winery. At, we have all the current wine industry postings.

Sommelier jobs are highly valued

Clearly, you cannot have a fine restaurant without a world-class chef. However, you also cannot have a fine restaurant without a world-class sommelier. The food is really just half of the story. If you do not pair that food with the right wine, the meal is in evitably disappointing. It just does not taste as good as it should. Indeed, an excellent wine list often makes the difference between a good eating establishment and a great one.

At, we know this. That is why we list sommelier jobs. We think the world needs more great restaurants. So, we try to do our part by putting restauranteurs together with the sommeliers who will elevate their establishments to greatness.

If you are interested in sommelier jobs, or maybe just working for certain wholesale liquor distributors, please open a free account with us today and browse our listings.

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