Since the popular, Oscar-winning film "Sideways" was released, more people than ever before have become interested in wine. And, like the two buddies in the movie, more people than ever before have also become interested in traveling to the California wine country. Indeed, California wineries are currently experiencing a real tourist boom. Throngs of visitors are taking winery tours, attending tastings and bringing a case or two home with them to enjoy. Do you know what that means? It means that there are a great number of California winery jobs, rivaling brewery jobs, opening up to deal with this new volume of customers.

Did "Sideways" also ignite your passion for wine? Would you like to do more than just vacation in the wine region? Would you, in fact, like to work there? If so, then the best way to get there is to start here: We are your online connection to the most current and up-to-date listings for California winery jobs

Winery jobs: wine sales, more

Does part of you really like the idea of working at a winery? But, does another part of you just keep imagining that "I Love Lucy" scene in which Lucy stomps on the grapes? Relax. First of all, wine-making has come a long way since then. Plus, wineries are looking to hire employees other than just wine-makers. Chances are that your present background and experience will translate to winery jobs. Wine sales positions, for instance, are quite similar to other sales positions. However, if you have a greater interest in pinot noir and chardonnay than in used cars or paper products, you will enjoy your work a lot more working with wholesale liquor distributors - and be a better salesperson. Other positions or wine jobs that wineries are often looking to fill include:

  • bartenders
  • tour guides
  • marketers
  • managers

For additional information on all available wine jobs, winery jobs - wine sales jobs, bartending jobs, and more - we invite you to browse the listings on our Web site.


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